Sunday, September 14, 2008

in the bell jar

i need a job, so, please hire me! i applied and interviewed for a job that i want. i haven't heard from then yet, am going to call and follow up tomorrow, so please send me good vibes tomorrow so that my next post can be...YAY! i got the job!!!! thank you... :)

i have done no knitting. but i have napped, alot... depression is fun!! :p

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Anonymous said...

If I run in the fields he will keep pace with me.His name is Spud.He is a huge black cat that knows he has it all going on.I call him my fuzzy little sleeping pill.
Tell ya a secret the baths were kinda nice but trust me if you knew me the thought of me in the frilly bath would be disturbing lol.
An yes i did an am sending good thought your way.