Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays....

always get me down....

Yesterday would have been my ex hubby and I's 7 year anniversary.

The divorce, was all me. It one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, and there are some days that I wonder if I made the right one, but deep down, I know I did and that we are both better because of it. Ex, is doing his rock star thing, with the Rationales, something I don't think he would have pursued if we had stayed married. I told him that one reflective day. That see, something good came of it, and that I was proud of him, because I am, and that even though we aren't married anymore, that I still love him and want him to be happy, and that sentiment is still true.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Loopy Love and a Broken Moon

After much fuss at the post office, I finally got my package from Loopy Ewe. I have never ordered from the Loopy Ewe before, but I will again, they have a great selection and they get the package out to you quick, and with a nice little note from Sherri - which I thought was really sweet.

My favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life. I cry whenever I see it. I even cried at the Kay Jewlers commercials that used the "what is that you want? You want the moon?" scene. When my ex hubby and I were dating, he had taken me to the movies to see it on the big screen. After which, he asked what I wanted, I told him the moon. Lo and behold sometime later, he presented me with the moon. It was plastic and cut in half so you could hang it on the wall or ceiling or where ever, but it was the moon. As I was packing to move this past weekend, I accidently stepped on the moon, and broke it, and there was no way to save it, and I had to toss it and my heart broke a little bit more.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep

I love the movie 'White Christmas'. Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, singing, dancing to help the boys old general. I've seen it a million and one times and I cry each time. I know it's not Christmas, but that song is coming to mind, because I've been a grumpy gus as of late, and I have decided to count my blessings...

~ my sweetie, who although doesn't wear my hand-knits, loves and appreciates me, even when I'm a grumpy gus.

~ chickie, who because she's my mother, has to love me, but she also likes me, I consider her my best friend.

~ my bbt, who is just the coolest brother anyone could hope to have.

~ my ex-hubby, who although we are no longer married, is still a good friend, an excellent song writer/guitar player and all around great guy.

~ my kitties, Sirius, Lila and now Felix, who maybe fury and four legged, make me laugh like no ones business.

~ my friends, for always being there.

~ Harvey because there is good out there.

I'm a Grumpy Gus

Dear Lord in heaven it's only Wednesday, 2 more days left.

Anywho...please allow me to bitch for a moment:

Years ago, I knit my friend a sweater for her 1st baby, to my knowlege, it was never used. I'll be honest, it hurt a little, as alot of effort was put into the sweater, it didn't look "hand-made" (ya'll know what i mean by that...).
My ex-hubby (the handsome guy sporting the tiara in "Birthdays & Knitting") would not allow me to knit him a sweater and had more scaves than any man should have (which to his credit he wore out in public as opposed to my sweetie, but I digress) and this was before I learned to knit socks, thank god as the man has huge and wide tootsies.
I knit my sweetie a scarf, which he used around the house a couple of times, and that was it and I recently knit him a pair of socks, which have never been tried on, let alone used.
Am I being unreasonable? If I am, please tell me, cause I'd like to know.
I mean, honestly, why do I bother? I like to knit for others, but there's no point and it's unappreciated and just a waste of my time, so, I am going to be selfish, and knit things for myself.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5th Times a Charm Right...?

I cast on for the pain in the ass Monkey socks, for the 5th time last night, my limit is 10, if by the 10th cast on, I still haven't grasped the pattern, I am giving up.

I have been lurking on Ravelry, the past couple of days, and I have realized that I suck as a knitter in comparison to those on Ravelry. Seriously, I hope to be as good as them someday.

Speaking of Ravelry, I joined a KAL, the log cabin one to be exact. yay me! 4 months into the New Year and I just started getting with my resolutions.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ravelry & Monkeys

OMG! I got my Ravelry invite. How shocked was I? VERY!! I am so happy. :D

Of course, the first thing I do, is post an issue that I'm having with my monkey socks. I want to love making them like everyone else, but for the on round 4 needles 3 and 4, I end with 15 stitches on each needle instead of 16 and that seriously messes up the pattern. I don't know how that happens. Hopefully, Ravelry will let me know.

I need a nap.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday Wishes & Kniting

Happy 37th Birthday Davey!!

I have a bad case of knitting a.d.d. as of late, I have a lot going on, so that being the case, I don't want to start anything big, so instead, I start a million little projects, because that makes much more sense, don't you agree? I thought so. So far I have the log cabin blanket going (working on square number 11), a pair of monkeys (in loverly Sundra Cherry Blossom sock yarn), fluffy, the evil mohair scarf and a pair of plain ol vanilla socks (ok, not a million literally, but you know what I mean. =p).
It's 8:20am and already I am in desperate need of a nap. This is going to be the day of much coffee.
I have no idea what I am making for dinner tonight, I think maybe Enchilada pie and s'mores for dessert. Easy peasy, leaving me plenty of time to play Tomb Raider Anniversary. =D
Have a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

I wish I had a picture of him to post. He always reminded me of Danny Thomas. He was quite handsome, that grandpa of mine, even as he got older, which is always the way, and quite frankly not fair, but I digress. I wish you were here so I could give you a hug. I miss you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday's & Blech!

Today is my sweet little Lila girl's 3rd birthday.
In other news, I am a moody bitch today. I hate moving and so am stressed about that, am feeling super insecure and my CGB (crazy girl brain) is running rampant. Thank God for knitting, it is keeping me relatively sane and calm.

I lent Chickie a book, The Knitting Circle, by Ann Hood, and she read it and enjoyed it, and then she asked me, does everyone start knitting because of a tragedy? I didn't know how to answer that. I can't remember when i started to seriously knit, I think it was after I got married, certainly not a tragedy even tho we are no longer together. But it got me thinking, how did everyone out there in bloggy-land get started?

Monday, April 7, 2008


I went to Seed Stitch this weekend and oh do I love that store! The staff there are so nice, friendly and helpful, just what you want in a LYS. There was a lovely lady there on Sunday, who was kind enough to tell me that next time I stop by for me to bring the fuzz (mohair) with me and she'll figure out what it is I am doing wrong, she advised that it may be a too tight cast on, which very well could be, so, on my next Noro run, I will bring fuzzy with me and hopefully get that started & finished before summer starts and I am vowing that this summer will be my summer of socks! woo hoo!!

This weekend I went to Chickies (to do laundry & to hang out as DB was working) and we rented "Jane Austin Book Club". OMG! EXCELLENT movie, and Kathy Baker pretty much knits throughout the entire movie, which I thought was great. It made me want to read Jane Austin, who, and I'll be honest here, I've been afraid to read, as in HS I had to read Emily Bronte's "Jane Eyre" and OMG, that was the longest, most boring book I have ever read. But, I think that I will give Ms. Austin a chance and see what happens. Which book to start with....

Also watch "Dan in Real Life" with DB, which was surprisingly funny. I was a little unsure about it, but I was proved wrong. DB is confuddeled at the fact that I can knit and watch T.V. at the same time. I'm sure others do this as well and if you do, is your partner just as confuddled as mine is at the doing 2 things at once? It's actually kind of funny really.

The kitties will be moving in this weekend. I am nervous as DB has a cat, a male cat, and I have a male & female cat. Everyone has me paranoid that it will be a 24 hour Battle Royal between the 2 male cats. Any advice?

ok, I need a nap now.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Which let's face it, is in fact the best damn day of the week. (it's even better when it's there's a Moday holiday...but am not going to be too picky)

I just started watching Lost and OMG! what a fantastic show that is. Am I the only one whose crushing on Hurley? Probably not huh?

On the knitting front, am having a hard time with knitting with the mohair. I think it's because

I'm not use to knitting with something as fine as that, who knows. Will give it another go today when I finish my 10th log cabin square. I hope that it's just hard to start with and then gets easier as you go.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Father in Law Sweater

My ex-FIL Frank, is a wonderful man, he gives the best hugs. He reminds me of The Dude in the Big Lebowski, that kind of Zen like presence, he is kind, funny, I rarely ever saw him get mad. He loves his crazy wife, sons, daughters and grandkids, and he loved me. Trust me, I can talk about Frank for hours, telling silly little Frank stories, but I won't, all I know is if I ever get married again, whoever my FIL will be has big shoes to fill.

That being said, the point to this little entry...
I was knitting the men's zip up raglan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for Frank, my FIL, who I absolutely adored. I started it in the spring of 2004 and it was going to be gifted to him as a father's day present from just me (as opposed to my then hubby and myself). I envisioned him wearing it in the office on chilly days or if the AC was up to high and the girls he worked with commenting on it and him saying how his daughter in law knit it for him.

Father's Day came and went and the sweater wasn't done (I remember I had to frog it a bunch of times because of stupid mistakes), so it will be a Christmas sweater, I knit it all throughout the summer, I was knitting it when the Red Sox beat the Yankee's and made Billy Crystal cry, when we Won the Series (first time in 86 years!!) and every chance I could after that (was working crazy hours).

Christmas came and went and i had just started the second sleeve. Shortly thereafter I decided to get a divorce. It was a hard decision but the right one, my husband and I were polite roommates, it was no one persons fault, sometimes love just isn't enough. At that point I put the sweater away, too sad to knit on it anymore.

I decided earlier this year that I would finish all my UFO's, and that means my FIL sweater. I don't know who to gift it to, as it was knit for Frank, it has all my daughterly love for him in it. . I have thought about giving it to him anyway, but I think that would be akward. Then I thought about giving it to my brother or best friend Mike, and it's not that I think they wouldn't appreciate it but I never see either of them wearing sweaters, and besides it wasn't knit for them.
I guess there is really no point to this little entry. Who knew a simple sweater could create so much confusion and emotion.