Sunday, May 29, 2011

oh ya

Avacados dipped in bbq sauce....SO good

Monday, May 23, 2011

so ya...

Picot edge socks are still socks.  I was 4 or so rows from the starting the toe decrease and not just finishing the heel as I had orginally thought.  So, I said screw it and opted to continue on to the toe.  I tried it on and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.  Apparently I cannot trust my memory. 

Started a baby blanket, on the idea of the log cabin only different.  I have 2 squares done, I'll post em on Friday.  I may have 3 by then!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I hate it when...

..the voices in my head stop talking to each other.

So, the picot edge socks are going to turn into gloves, as they are a smidge too tight and i don't have the heart to rip em and reknit em. 

The big squish blanket is coming along loverly.  I did tell you about that right? No?!? well, i am knitting ex's garter stitch blanket out of fisherman yarn for s&g's.   And now you know and knowing is half the battle.  GI JOE!  (I need more yarn for my log cabin blanket)

I have decided to knit my future nipote a cute little sweater with the dream in color that i have and will find some other more washable/baby friendly yarn to knit a blanket with.

I knit a whole mess of hearts this past week, i think i'm up to 74 or something like that.   yay me!

Oh! and i'm about to embark on season 4 of BSG!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cutting Ties

Not an original title, but fitting. 
Sticking with my New Years resolutions, I am putting myself first and I am officially cutting ties with the girls.  This is sad in a sense as I've known them my entire life it seems.  Saturday, I was suppose to have a nice brunch with the girls, and well, you know, the best laid plans of mice & men...
It was painfully obvious that our friendship has run it's course.  Like ripping off a band-aid, it hurts at first but then the pain subsides and like with any break-up, you focus on the good times, quietly ignoring the bad, and you think, maybe, just maybe you made a mistake, but when push comes to shove, you know it's the right thing. 
c'est la vie

I'm almost done with my first picot sock.  I love it!!! BMFA Puck's Mischief is such a great colorway, the only pooling I have so far is at the gusset (i think) otherwise it's lovely and stripey. 

I have 3 skeins of Noro in my stash & 8 skeins of Casscade Eco wool in a lovely cream color.  I have 1 of 2 options, being that I really would like to make the girls each a blanket for Christmas, (and the one I want to make frankly I can't afford to), I have been noticing the mitered crosses here there and everywhere.  It won't take that much Noro for the crosses and I can use the Eco for the border.  Maybe? 

Plus that means I'll have an excuse to get new yarn for my Francis Revisited.  Win-win I'd say. 

Whatcha think?