Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Fall!

It's officially fall.  The sun is setting earlier and earlier, the air is a tad chillier and blankets are once again gracing the bed. I love this time of year, snuggling by the fireplace, drinking tea, knitting big things, like the squish (no picture yet). 

log cabin blanket
picture courtesy of the fisherman
I brought my log cabin blanket to the fisherman's house to soak & block. It's still there and he's been using it to keep him warm while he writes, he took this picture after bringing it out to the sunroom (aka my favorite room) to dry, but, it's 'officially' finished, blocked and photographed.  Surprisingly it grew quite a bit in blocking which for some reason surprised me.

My little bubba's gramps cardigan officially has buttons on it! Next up, elbow patches!

Also, I turned the heel on the fisherman's boyfriend sock.  The second sock I did on size 1.5 needles rather than the size 2, it should fit snugger and I did the heel from the Watson sock rather than a short row.  So far so good, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Most Important Meal of the Day

I'm talking about breakfast.

Saturday morning the Fisherman and I went fishing at the flats.  I caught seaweed and a shell, the Fisherman caught a flounder.  I don't know, such is the nature of the beast or the fish in this case.
I used a spin rod as it is far to late in the season to be teaching me how to cast a fly rod, which I am ok with, I like the spin rod.

When we got home I went a little hog wild and made a full Irish breakfast for my Fisherman.  This was a plan as I made the brown bread a couple of nights before and went to the magical German Kitchen where the blood sausages and good bacon live.

I poached my very first egg with the help of Alton Brown (he is a genius) and look how pretty it is.
It doesn't even look poached, but, trust me it is.

first poached egg

Breakfast included: Irish Brown Bread, poached eggs, beans in tomato sauce, blood sausage, bacon roasted potato (not shown) & breakfast sausage (for me I don't really dig on blood sausage). 
Irish Brekkie with Earl Grey tea
The Fisherman was so proud of this breakfast that showed it to a couple of his fishing buddies.  They were impressed (as they should be...look at that egg!!) 
It was gobbled up with much enthusiasm and gusto and I believe the phrase, 'you know it's a good breakfast when you need to take a break from easting sausage to eat some bacon.'
We then retired to the couch for a much needed nap.  :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sugar Skulls & Kayaking

I love em they are pretty and kinda girly.

I have had zero mojo for anything. Seriously,

I did finish my little Bubba's (don't ask, I call him Bubba) Gramps cardigan, I need to put on the super cool old man buttons and elbow patches on it still, but the knitting and blocking is done (pictures once the buttons are on it)

Good news is I finally got my knitting mojo back.  I've been working on Irish Coffee and my dear Fisherman's Boyfriend sock. 

The sock that I finished I fear will have to be redone with smaller needles, the foot part fit ok but the leg portion could be a little tighter.  Being that I hadn't started the second sock I figured it would be a good opportunity to knit it using a 1.5 needle rather than the size 2.

Now if only my exercise mojo would return, I miss it, just not enough to get out of bed in the morning (it's too crowded after work)

I cannot wait for the weekend, Batman the animated series on Friday night with some knitting, fishing on Saturday and maybe some kayaking and Sunday, lounging and video games, perfect weekend in my opinion.

Can I just say that I love kayaking, who knew?  My fisherman and I went kayaking a couple of weekends ago (my second time out), and was on the lake for almost 5 hours!  Some paddling and exploring but mostly drifting and a little light fishing (I caught a tree!) it's so peaceful. I might take a plain vanilla sock with me next time, for the quiet time. 

My kayak (it's the fisherman's but it's the one I use and love) is orange and heavy and desperately needs a name, because calling her my sweet girl just isn't cutting it anymore. She needs a good name (maybe Kaywinnit). I also kinda want to adorn her with a sugar skull sticker. 

Hopefully I'll have the squish blanket finished & blocked for my next post.