Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Fall!

It's officially fall.  The sun is setting earlier and earlier, the air is a tad chillier and blankets are once again gracing the bed. I love this time of year, snuggling by the fireplace, drinking tea, knitting big things, like the squish (no picture yet). 

log cabin blanket
picture courtesy of the fisherman
I brought my log cabin blanket to the fisherman's house to soak & block. It's still there and he's been using it to keep him warm while he writes, he took this picture after bringing it out to the sunroom (aka my favorite room) to dry, but, it's 'officially' finished, blocked and photographed.  Surprisingly it grew quite a bit in blocking which for some reason surprised me.

My little bubba's gramps cardigan officially has buttons on it! Next up, elbow patches!

Also, I turned the heel on the fisherman's boyfriend sock.  The second sock I did on size 1.5 needles rather than the size 2, it should fit snugger and I did the heel from the Watson sock rather than a short row.  So far so good, fingers crossed!

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