Monday, March 25, 2013

Geek + Weekend = Geekend

Saturday, I went to a LAN party, the first that I actively participated in.  It was great fun, good people, junk food - pizza, donuts, mini muffins galore! I played Tomb Raider Anniversary, Left 4 Dead 2, Quake 3 and we even watched a little Firefly. Good times!!

Sunday - I went to PAX East. I totally fangirled on Chewie & Deadpool, it was awesome.

There was no knitting, except maybe 2 rows on my "little ass kicker" scarf that will be a cowl.  I am not digging the fringe/linen stitch situation, it's driving me a little bonkers. Thankfully I'm only like 5 rows in, so, it's not a big deal to rip it and start over. 
The 2nd boy sock is almost done, I should probably bring it home so I can work on it tonight.  Lately, I've been eating HUGE salads for lunch (mostly in preperation & recovery from the lost geekend) and since those huge salads take time to eat I've only been able to knit 2 or 3 rows on the sock a day.  Sad.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stash is a personal thing

At knitting this past Saturday, I was informed that my stash was stashy enough and that I needed to add more to it.  I say no, not yet anyway.  I have somethings on the needles I want to get off first.  Also I think part of my problem is that I buy a lot of sock yarn, my theory is that I can splurge on a nice skein of yarn without it breaking the bank, like say, a sweaters worth of MadTosh would do.  So then what happens is that I have a ton of sock yarn, luckily I like knitting socks. My point, yes there was one, somewhere, is that while others may feel my humble stash isn't large enough, I think it's perfect for me.

I got a grown up phone this year, it's bad when you have the same phone as your 13 year old niece. So, I logged onto Verizon, saw that I had an upgrade and went with whatever was free, in this case it happened to be the Iphone 4, it's nice, not sure I like being this connected to everything though. Granted it comes in handy, at say knitting and I need to check a pattern or youtube a technique. 

I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging, I miss it and I miss you guys.  They're not all going to be gems but I will try.  :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love Me or Leave Me

Let me lonely, you won't believe me but I love you only.

Oh Nina, how I love you.

I had an extremely blah week last week, and although the mood is subsiding, I'm still in a funk.  I sometimes feel like Jack in Brokeback Mountain, I wish I could quit you, but, like Rufus W says "everything it seems I like's a little bit stronger, a little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me."

Seriously, just call me Sugar Kane.

I've been knitting on my fisherman's Golly socks in the lovely Cape Cod Bay colorwork by the talented Sundara. 

I am still plugging away on my boo's socks, I am just past the heel turn on the second sock. 

I have also started a linen stitch scarf, my tv knitting, using my Walking Dead inspired yarns from Bohemia Fibers and a pair of socks for my dear sweet love Liam in STR lightweight, colorway Puck's Mischief. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So many things

That is my baby girl, until I can think of a better name for her, she is a S&W M&P 15-22.    She was a gift.  Cool huh?

And ya, I met the Yarn Harlot, and she graciously held my sock.  She's kinda awesome.