Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a princess, (I believe I've mentioned her before...) who lived in a castle.  The castle was a modest size, and full of surprises, secret doors and cubbies but what made the castle most special was when the castle felt threatened a moat would appear! 

Our princess, much like Rupunzel, only with not so long hair, and she's allowed to come & go as she pleases, other than that, totally just like Punzey, did most of her living in one room, a room she called Yarnia. 

Yarnia was beautiful, it contained a bed, a closet for her frocks, there was sock yarn stuffed into hidey holes, UFO's cluttering the floor, and a hamper full of yarn waiting to be knit into beautiful garments. 

One day as our princess was returning home from a ball, she noticed these creatures fluttering around the light post.  She wondered what they could be.  It was far too chilly for mosquitos and it was too dark for butterflies.  She crept up closer to the light and the fluttering beings.  When she got close enough to identify them, she was horrified and scared.  It was the greatest threat to Yarnia.  The only threat that can get past the moat. 
Evil Moths of Mothsylvania ----->

Our princess scurried into the castle quickly closing the door behind her, lest one of the evil beasts make it past the threshold of yarnia. 

Little did the princess know, one managed to get in, on the back of coat none the less.  She noticed it when it started fluttering about, heading towards some nummy wool.  Panicing the pricess did the only thing she could, took her coat and smacked that bitch down and flushed it down the royal thrown. 

~ fin

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Over the long weekend I played in yarnia, (aka as my closet) and I started my journey of taking pictures of my yarn and posting them on Ravelry. 
(OMG! Cool Rider!) 
Sadly the pictures are on my home computer, so I'll post here later. 

I started a jacket for my pooh bear, got as far as the beginging of the sleeves (it's all one piece) when I decided it was too small (was going with the 3-6 mos.) tore it out and cast on for a larger 6-9 mos. version.  So far it's just a row of 52 stitches about 1 inch thick in stockingette stitch, so nothing really exciting to photograph.

I think over the course of the upcoming year that I will in fact knit the girls each a blanket.  Log Cabin for one and Mitered Crosses for the other, similar, but different, maybe with a couple of books, like Charlotte's Web.  I remember loving that as a kid. 

Speaking of Christmas, brother, SiL, mother & I decided not to exchange gifts this year as it's usually an argument of 'what do you want for Christmas?'  'I don't know, I don't really need anything.'  'But it's not what you need, it's what you want.'  over and over again starting around the beginning of November, annoying right? Ya.

So we are exchanging stockings instead, we have a $100 dollar limit on it, as small things are just as expensive as big things sometimes, even more so as you need more of them.  I am ok with thinking of things for SiL (Hello Pier One!) it's my brother that is causing me trouble, what fun things can I get for him?  And why is it, you are at a complete loss as to gifts and as soon as you decide not to exchange them you're flooded with a thousand ideas? 

Sorry this is so blah as far as posts go. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Can't Think of Anything Clever.

I took yesterday off, an official, work sanctioned 'mental health day', it was wonderful.   I staying in my pajama's all day, knit a ton Squish, it was only 1 pattern repeat but man alive there are alot of stitches in that 1 repeat.  I've decided to add another repeat before doing the border, it just doesn't seem big enough and I don't hold much faith that blocking will make it that much bigger.  I'm sure the knitting nymphs will be glad to prove me wrong, and it will be more than possible that I did in fact knit a ranch house.   (I would post a picture, but it's still on the needles and looks the same as it did before.)

I'll knit a little more on it this weekend and next weekend, along with some little hearts, my Wild Thing sweater and a little something for the pooh bear. 

I don't know why but Christmas hasn't held the same magic for me as it has in the past.  I'm not sure why that is, but it makes me sad.  Maybe I'll write a letter to Santa.  And buy lots of twinkle lights, because twinkle lights make everything festive and magical. 

Another goal for next year, post more pictures.  :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Send someone to fetch us, we're in Saskatchewan

Why yes, I am listening to 'Movin'' Right Along', wanna make something of it?  Didn't think so. :p

I am snarky today, my head hurts and once again, I have no knitting to report on.
I do however have some vacation days saved up that I plan to take and have my own private knitstock, with bathrooms, and kitties and tv (oh my!).  I want to knit the pooh bear something for Christmas but I am not sure what.  A sweater? A vest? I mean he'll be 2 months old so, toys seem kinda irrelevant, ya know?  Suggestions are welcome.

Christmas is fast approaching, which means so is New Years Eve.  My goal is to finish out this year with no UFO's on the needles or as few as possible, and like everything in knitting, socks don't count.  

New Year's Knitting goals:
~ Knit more than 1 pair of socks
~ Knit something for the girls for Christmas
~ Learn Magic Loop, so many people love it and 100 million Elvis fans can't be wrong.
~ Knit from stash
~ Organize my stash and list on ravelry with pictures

That's all I got right now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have done ZERO knitting this past week.  I've brought it out, and there it sits, neglected.  Maybe I will knit tonight. 

Last Saturday my little pooh bear came down for a visit.  We had some cuddle time, some screaming time (him not me, it turns out my little guy is not a fan The Rainbow Connection, sad) and some napping time (again him, not me, although I was used as a pillow).  It was a lovely visit.  Then  came the snow!  And with that, some downed trees and power outages.  I was lucky our power was restored on Halloween, I know some people who are still without power. 

I heard from my ex on Monday, wishing me a Happy Halloween, and I wondered if he still reads my blog.   Probably not, but if you do, Hi Doug!

Now, let's talk movies.  The Rock em Sock em Robot movie...(aka Real Steel, the actual name I think), OMG! SO GOOD! It's like the movies Rocky & Balboa combinded into one Hugh Jackman filled treat of goodness.  I seriously wanted to cheered and clapped by the end.