Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have done ZERO knitting this past week.  I've brought it out, and there it sits, neglected.  Maybe I will knit tonight. 

Last Saturday my little pooh bear came down for a visit.  We had some cuddle time, some screaming time (him not me, it turns out my little guy is not a fan The Rainbow Connection, sad) and some napping time (again him, not me, although I was used as a pillow).  It was a lovely visit.  Then  came the snow!  And with that, some downed trees and power outages.  I was lucky our power was restored on Halloween, I know some people who are still without power. 

I heard from my ex on Monday, wishing me a Happy Halloween, and I wondered if he still reads my blog.   Probably not, but if you do, Hi Doug!

Now, let's talk movies.  The Rock em Sock em Robot movie...(aka Real Steel, the actual name I think), OMG! SO GOOD! It's like the movies Rocky & Balboa combinded into one Hugh Jackman filled treat of goodness.  I seriously wanted to cheered and clapped by the end. 

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