Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall in August

I am LOVING this fall weather. Sadly, like all good things, this too shall come to an end and summer will resume, at least for a few extra weeks.

Have been knitting on my sweeties sock a little bit. Still an epic fail for summer of socks, however, i got further on the 2 socks I started than I have on any other sock I've worked on in the past. One day I'll even finish a pair. Oh well, there's always Sock-tober, right?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Cause I just did.

I have seemed to misplace my knitting mojo, I would like to find it, as I have many things to finish. Maybe it's behind the couch.

I have started the sleeve on my brothers cobblestone, started a baby sweater for my cousin (using stash yarn thanktyouverymuch), knit a little on my BSG sock, realized I somehow mucked up a row and am now tinking back a bit, this is what happens when you try to knit and yell at the t.v. at the same time, and have looked at doug's sock, taken out, looked at knit and put it back. weeee.

My birthday prezzie to myself should be arriving today or tomorrow. Hazel Knits sock club for August. I got a sneaky peaky on Ravelry, and OMG! GORGEOUS! I can not wait to see it in person.

Mmmmm, coffee the elixer of life.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Damn it feels good to be a Gansta

well well, what do we have here? Pictures (happy adam?) and a hat! The Fisherman's hat to be exact.

The needles I needed to start Todd's sweater sleeve were being held hostage by the hat, so I said screw it and finished it. Took all of 15 minutes too. Now what to do with it.

I have 1/2 of my BSG sock done, and it only took me all of season 1 to get that accomplished. Maybe I'll finish the 1 sock during season 2. Damn BSG is a good show!
Also have a little bit of my sweeties sock done. Not sure what my issue is with the delay on that.
Oh well.

That's about it. =)

And so I leave you with a little Johnny Lang, cause that's just how I roll...

When a stolen glance led to a stolen kiss
I thought I knew the chance that I was takin
And though I've never known a love as strong as this
And what it was to feel my own heart breaking
So now I raise a glass and then I raise another
One to forget and one to remember
Oh I wanted just to dream the way things could have been
If I hadn't lost my Irish angel