Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Damn it feels good to be a Gansta

well well, what do we have here? Pictures (happy adam?) and a hat! The Fisherman's hat to be exact.

The needles I needed to start Todd's sweater sleeve were being held hostage by the hat, so I said screw it and finished it. Took all of 15 minutes too. Now what to do with it.

I have 1/2 of my BSG sock done, and it only took me all of season 1 to get that accomplished. Maybe I'll finish the 1 sock during season 2. Damn BSG is a good show!
Also have a little bit of my sweeties sock done. Not sure what my issue is with the delay on that.
Oh well.

That's about it. =)

And so I leave you with a little Johnny Lang, cause that's just how I roll...

When a stolen glance led to a stolen kiss
I thought I knew the chance that I was takin
And though I've never known a love as strong as this
And what it was to feel my own heart breaking
So now I raise a glass and then I raise another
One to forget and one to remember
Oh I wanted just to dream the way things could have been
If I hadn't lost my Irish angel

1 comment:

spud's bud said...

Yes Adam is happy with the pictures :)
And isn't it good to be done with the hat ant closure