Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes, baby, I've been drinkin'

I know I shouldn't come by no more, but I found myself in trouble darlin' and I had no palce else to go. I got some whiskey from a bottle, got some cocaine from a friend...
DAMN! I love Beth Hart. She's just friggin awesome.

Ok, it's little and stupid, but I gotta tell you, this Lost on Tuesdays, totally screwing with me, I wake up ever Wednesday thinking it's Thursday.

Curious if anyone has a knit a hemmie with Noro Kureyon yarn, I bet that would be pretty. Maybe my second one I'll try it with that, if I ever get past row 37 on the first that is!!!

The 2 inch bottom of Todd's cobblestone is almost done!! 4 episodes of 24 and that's all I got. Jack would totally mock me and kick my ass for that!

My heart is still tender after this latest fiasco with the fisherman. I really wanted to knit him a pair of socks and now I can't and that saddens me. Also, never got to finish and give him his hat. So many knits that will never be.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Confession part 2

I've always wanted to be blond. I get highlights every summer, and that's as blond as I get.
Far too much effort, what with the touch ups every 6 weeks and so forth, and I don't think I'd really look good as a blond, and yet knowing this doesn't deminish the desire to be blond. I blame Kat VonD, who totally rocked being blond. Who knows, maybe someday, I'll go blond, even if just for a little while, see if they really do have more fun. ;)

I have learned that forced heat is the work of the devil and wreaks havoc on my sinuses.

Ravelmpics news: I have to rip back 4 rows, somehow i 'effed up before row 39 and ended up with 2 extra stitches, or i'm being incredibly dumb when it comes to the instructions of row 39. So, I'll rip back to row 36 (it has a stitch count) and go from there, paying extra attention to the pattern repeats. I am loving my pretty, pretty hemi tho.

24 KAL: Ya, I need to get to the body soon, am losing interest in this knit 1 round, purl 1 round crap.

Fisherman's hat: still chugging along, I knit a little on it before I go to bed each night. Am hoping it'll be done by this weekend. doesn't really matter, hat is getting frogged, as we are no longer a couple, thanks me and my stupid drunkin message.

Sock #2: I do not have SSS, I mearly have too much on my plate right now. Once the hemi is done, I will go back to my pretty in pink & purple sock.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Do Be Do Be Do...

Chugging along on my fisherman's hat, sadly, all progress has halted because of the silly Ravelmpics. They are not silly, I am silly for thinking I could do 3 good size projects at once. WTF kind of crack was I smoking that day?!?

Depending on how the hat goes over with my fisherman, he may or may not be the recipient of a pair of warm woolly fishing socks. We shall see shan't we?

I do have to say, so far, I am loving my Hemie. On pattern round 30 or so...the stitch counter knows for sure.

My little family is going to get bigger. My fabulous brother Todd is engaged! His soon to be bride Sharon is equally fabulous as are her 3 kids. I'm so happy they will be a part of our family.

I have decided to teach myself magic loop, mostly so I can knit at one the fly fisherman's gigs and not worry about dropping a needle. Will keep you updated on that.

Sad news, Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie (Deadliest Catch) passed away on Feb. 9th after he suffered a stroke on Jan. 29th. In all honesty, he was my favorite Capt. on the show, the reason I watched it, my heart goes out to his family. He will be missed by all.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My New Favorite Saying.

“Even if I never fell in love again, once would have been enough. Because once we have given ourselves to another, we are able to fall in love with life itself. And that can last forever.”
– Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

I stole that from another blog, and I can't remember which one. It's a beautiful sentiment though.

I asked my fisherman last night if he would teach me to flyfish, he said he would but that it was a commitment. I told him that I wasn't going anywhere. So, sometime in the near future, I am going fishing. I hope I don't suck at it. (don't worry, there will be pictures)

I started my 20 hour '24' sweater for the Jack Bauer KAL on Ravelry last night and by started I mean actually knit on it!!!
I am almost done with the first of my pretty in pink and purple sock. =)

My fisherman is heading up to Alaska to go fishing for a week in March, he will have a hand knit hat for this trip. He will probably get this hat next week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Was listening to a little Suicidal this morning and this made me happy. Like super weird happy, because, hi! it was Suicidal, not exactly shiney, happy, people singing on a bus music, but it pleased me none the less.

Also, have this strange love of the song 'Beth' by KISS. S'up wit dat?

Had my date with the fisherman this weekend, that was lovely as well.

Did absolutely no knitting yesterday. Booo to me!!

I want to be married. I do not know why.