Friday, February 19, 2010

Do Be Do Be Do...

Chugging along on my fisherman's hat, sadly, all progress has halted because of the silly Ravelmpics. They are not silly, I am silly for thinking I could do 3 good size projects at once. WTF kind of crack was I smoking that day?!?

Depending on how the hat goes over with my fisherman, he may or may not be the recipient of a pair of warm woolly fishing socks. We shall see shan't we?

I do have to say, so far, I am loving my Hemie. On pattern round 30 or so...the stitch counter knows for sure.

My little family is going to get bigger. My fabulous brother Todd is engaged! His soon to be bride Sharon is equally fabulous as are her 3 kids. I'm so happy they will be a part of our family.

I have decided to teach myself magic loop, mostly so I can knit at one the fly fisherman's gigs and not worry about dropping a needle. Will keep you updated on that.

Sad news, Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie (Deadliest Catch) passed away on Feb. 9th after he suffered a stroke on Jan. 29th. In all honesty, he was my favorite Capt. on the show, the reason I watched it, my heart goes out to his family. He will be missed by all.

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