Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sorry for the Interruption

I have learned that I really like to knit socks from the toe up.

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ya So...

First thanks to St. Anthony who found my naughty swift and ball winder, apparently they were playing hide and seek in the closet at my mothers house.

So Sad: The last episode of Lost EVER is on Sunday, followed by the last ever episode of 24 on Monday, the 24th HA! I wonder if the creators did that on purpose.

I think I need a blog change, I just don't know to what. Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I don't know, I feel restless or something. And the cherry is I have a terrible case of Knitting A.D.D. Although truth be told I'm not sure if it's knitting a.d.d. or just lack of sock-spiration. Either way, I guess it's good, more time has been spent happily knitting on Big Brother's Cobblestone.

I think on Saturday, I'm going to wind a skein of sweater yarn for the cobblestone, the yarn for my MiL's Christmas Prezzie Scarf, and sock yarn for my Sweeties socks.

I'll be able to work on the Christmas scarf at work on Monday as I'll be getting there super early and the next 5 Wednesdays as I will be lunching solo, I wonder how far I'll be able to get. If I finish it in time, maybe I'll gift it to MiL for her birthday instead of Christmas. Hmmmmm.

Am kinda scattered at the moment, so, ya, bye.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I had a weak moment and did something silly the other day. I ordered a skein of Socks that Rock in Pucks Mischief. I do not know why I did such a thing. Maybe I'm trying to build up my sock stash for...I don't know...the end of the world. Honestly, who knows what insanity lurks in my brain. It's craziness I tell ya, absolute insanity in there. Anywho, back to my original thought, WTF was I thinking? Really, I had something funnier yesterday, I just didn't have time to post it and now your stuck with this and for that I'm sorry.

I've had a sucktastic year, seriously, I hate it. Nothing that I want to talk about, just suffice to know, I can't wait for 2010 to be over. My Dr. suggested I plan something for a couple of months out to look forward to, I just don't know what. There is a rumor that there might be a camping trip with my sweetie and a slew of his friends, which in theory would be fun, but um,, I do not camp.

Which brings us to this...

Little things I am looking forward to:

1. My Socks that Rock yarn (sad but true)
2. Finding my swift & ball winder
3. Snuggling with my kitties
4. Hanging with my sweetie
5. Tomorrow morning, before sweetie wakes up, having the tv to myself
6. Knitting on a pair of socks/Big Brothers sweater
7. Coffee

That's all I can think of right now. =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Fell Down Some Stairs....

...and all I got was a nice lump on the back of my head. Seriously, where is my bubble wrap body suit.

So, somewhere whilst moving back with my sweetie, I managed to lose my swift & ball winder. I am not happy since, well, most of the yarn I own is in skeins & needs to be wound, like the Eco wool I'm using for my awesome Big Brothers Cobblestone, what is a girl to do? In true MacGruber (let's face it, macguyver's center pull ball would be perfect, macgrubers would self destruct out of shame) style, I grabbed an empty toilet paper roll and proceeded to wind the most pathetic looking center pull, oblong, for lack of a better term, ball. It does the trick so I'm happy. I miss my toys tho, so I am asking you to please, throw a prayer out to Saint Anthony for me so that my yarn cakes will be round and happy instead of oblong and sad. Thank you. =)

I'm listening to Marshmallow (marshmellow? both look weird, idk) World by Dean Martin. Don't ask. It has been decided that sweetie & I will have our very own Christmas tree! I think I'd like to knit up some ornaments for said Charlie Brown tree. Know what that means? Christmas in July!! I'm going to see how many tiny ornaments I can knit up in 1 months time. Ya, I know. Why July? you ask...because I am hoping to be done with awesome Big Brother's Cobblestone by then and knowing myself, before I dive into another somewhat big project, I'll want some mindless small knits, like socks or ornaments...maybe both, who knows.

Still doing the stash busting thing...aside from the yarn crawl incident, but we won't talk about that. So far, so good too. Here's my plan for next year, I'm going to squirrel away some money each week or month, haven't got that far in my plan yet, for yarn purchases next year, guilt free shopping ya know and when the money's gone, it's gone and I'll have to use what's left in my stash. I think it'll be fun and challenging.

Is it naptime?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hostal Take Over

So, there's a spider in the bathroom. A big one. And he's hairy. I think it's a baby tarantula or the spider who played Aragog in Harry Potter. Either way I don't like him, he's creepy, and mean. Mean! you say? Yes I say, mean, just yesterday I caught him laughing at me, mocking me with his creepiness. I suggested to my sweetie that we should just give him the bathroom, I mean, who am I kidding, showers are overrated, I can bathe in the kitchen sink...or better yet, we should move, give him the whole house. Sweetie laughed, he's in cohoots with the spider.

In other news, I finished my mothers plain jane tow up socks and I even did Jeny's super stretchy bind off. WOO!!! Have cast on for sock # 2 for Miss Kathy B. and a pair of fancy socks for me. =)

We have a new microwave! No more burnt popcorn for yours truely!
It's not exactly new, it's my old one (and by old I mean made in the past 10 years) My sweeties crapped the bed on Thursday. The microwave, although treated us well and lasted a long time, I'm pretty sure was one of the original mass produced microwaves. Man alive that thing was old.