Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ya So...

First thanks to St. Anthony who found my naughty swift and ball winder, apparently they were playing hide and seek in the closet at my mothers house.

So Sad: The last episode of Lost EVER is on Sunday, followed by the last ever episode of 24 on Monday, the 24th HA! I wonder if the creators did that on purpose.

I think I need a blog change, I just don't know to what. Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I don't know, I feel restless or something. And the cherry is I have a terrible case of Knitting A.D.D. Although truth be told I'm not sure if it's knitting a.d.d. or just lack of sock-spiration. Either way, I guess it's good, more time has been spent happily knitting on Big Brother's Cobblestone.

I think on Saturday, I'm going to wind a skein of sweater yarn for the cobblestone, the yarn for my MiL's Christmas Prezzie Scarf, and sock yarn for my Sweeties socks.

I'll be able to work on the Christmas scarf at work on Monday as I'll be getting there super early and the next 5 Wednesdays as I will be lunching solo, I wonder how far I'll be able to get. If I finish it in time, maybe I'll gift it to MiL for her birthday instead of Christmas. Hmmmmm.

Am kinda scattered at the moment, so, ya, bye.


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um, maybe...
i was thinking more along the lines of color scheme/fonts

Anonymous said... really want MY input on colors???....ORANGE!!!!