Monday, May 3, 2010

Hostal Take Over

So, there's a spider in the bathroom. A big one. And he's hairy. I think it's a baby tarantula or the spider who played Aragog in Harry Potter. Either way I don't like him, he's creepy, and mean. Mean! you say? Yes I say, mean, just yesterday I caught him laughing at me, mocking me with his creepiness. I suggested to my sweetie that we should just give him the bathroom, I mean, who am I kidding, showers are overrated, I can bathe in the kitchen sink...or better yet, we should move, give him the whole house. Sweetie laughed, he's in cohoots with the spider.

In other news, I finished my mothers plain jane tow up socks and I even did Jeny's super stretchy bind off. WOO!!! Have cast on for sock # 2 for Miss Kathy B. and a pair of fancy socks for me. =)

We have a new microwave! No more burnt popcorn for yours truely!
It's not exactly new, it's my old one (and by old I mean made in the past 10 years) My sweeties crapped the bed on Thursday. The microwave, although treated us well and lasted a long time, I'm pretty sure was one of the original mass produced microwaves. Man alive that thing was old.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the spiders.I never had a problem with them until the welding helmet incident..........Ewww
You are truly a sock making machine