Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Fell Down Some Stairs....

...and all I got was a nice lump on the back of my head. Seriously, where is my bubble wrap body suit.

So, somewhere whilst moving back with my sweetie, I managed to lose my swift & ball winder. I am not happy since, well, most of the yarn I own is in skeins & needs to be wound, like the Eco wool I'm using for my awesome Big Brothers Cobblestone, what is a girl to do? In true MacGruber (let's face it, macguyver's center pull ball would be perfect, macgrubers would self destruct out of shame) style, I grabbed an empty toilet paper roll and proceeded to wind the most pathetic looking center pull, oblong, for lack of a better term, ball. It does the trick so I'm happy. I miss my toys tho, so I am asking you to please, throw a prayer out to Saint Anthony for me so that my yarn cakes will be round and happy instead of oblong and sad. Thank you. =)

I'm listening to Marshmallow (marshmellow? both look weird, idk) World by Dean Martin. Don't ask. It has been decided that sweetie & I will have our very own Christmas tree! I think I'd like to knit up some ornaments for said Charlie Brown tree. Know what that means? Christmas in July!! I'm going to see how many tiny ornaments I can knit up in 1 months time. Ya, I know. Why July? you ask...because I am hoping to be done with awesome Big Brother's Cobblestone by then and knowing myself, before I dive into another somewhat big project, I'll want some mindless small knits, like socks or ornaments...maybe both, who knows.

Still doing the stash busting thing...aside from the yarn crawl incident, but we won't talk about that. So far, so good too. Here's my plan for next year, I'm going to squirrel away some money each week or month, haven't got that far in my plan yet, for yarn purchases next year, guilt free shopping ya know and when the money's gone, it's gone and I'll have to use what's left in my stash. I think it'll be fun and challenging.

Is it naptime?

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