Friday, May 30, 2008

I <3 my...

Ball winder.

It's entertaining and useful and well I heart it very much.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


and yet it feels like a Monday, which is odd because one would think it would feel like a Tuesday because of the Monday Holiday. Go figure.
Anywho, I ended up frogging my self pattening sock as it was too snug. made me sad but it would have made me sadder to have a pair of socks that fit no one and sit in a drawer being unloved.
Have also decided to frog my Noro tube. I really want to do something pretty pattern with it, maybe something lacey even and since I have joined the SoS 2008, I will be able to do that. So, until June 21st, when the SoS start, I will work on my birthday sweater. YAY!
I am sleepy and am signing off this short and pointless post.

Happy Knitting.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Hump Day

It's Wednesday... yay!
Anywho, haven't done any walking this past week, so basically am still feeling like a lazy lump.

I started knitting up my Noro sock...I have the ribbing done, I just don't know what pattern to do as Northen Math Magic is lost on me and i didn't cast on enough stitches for the lacey pattern i wanted to do and am 8 stitches over to knit a pair of monkeys. I have 2 options, rip it all out and restart, make a plain ol stockenette sock or the Phinneas socks.

They are doing construction next door and all I can hear is power tools and hammering, it's loud and I've only consumed 1 cup of coffee...want to go next door and take away their power tools...
::I never did mind about the little things, I never did mind about the little things...::

Anywho! moving on... have started watching Weeds (gotta love Netflix on demand!) is a good show, me likey very much!

Ok, I'm going to go save my sanity and knit sock.

happy knitting!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I feel like a giant UG! Just sleepy and grumpy and lacking in caffeine. I am also feeling very whale-ish...I'm a lazy lump, I need to start walking again, then maybe I will feel better. So, my goal this week, is to start walking a half hour a night.

I did some shopping this past weekend, for my favorite things swap of ravelry, my sweetie and for myself... ok, mostly for me and not so much the sweetie.
Books and movie purchases: Jane Austen: The Compete Novels and Cooking for Mr. Latte. I must say, I love the book fluff that comes out in the summer time. Also got season 5 of '24'! OMG!! O! M! G! Such a kick ass start. I do so lurves me some Jack Bauer, can't wait till next Jan. when season 7 starts. This is why I shouldn't be allowed in bookstores unsupervised.

Alcohol purchases: Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack (for my sweetie), Chivas Regal (originally bought for my sweetie, but has been taken over by me, as it is super yummy mixed with ginger ale) Margarita in a bottle (small bottle, sadly there is no room in the fridge for the jug o margarita) and a bottle of TGIF Pina Coloda (and yes, I like getting caught in the rain)
Sadly there was no yarny purchases or even any yarn related purchases. So sad. :'(

Finally saw the Devil's Advocate, thank god for Al Pacino because Keanu is lacking something...what is it? oh ya, talent! Dude couldn't even stick with the southern accent throughout scene let alone the entire movie. And the ending, very disspointing, would have been happier if it just ended when Keanu shoots himself in the head. Am done ranting now. =D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sadly, this little entry is nothing but Sinatra babble and ramblings.

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Frank Sinatra's passing.
I am a huge Sinatra fan. I don't know how I came to be one, it started sometime in H.S. I went from Frank, Dean Martin, the Rat Pack and various others, male & female vocalists from that era.
I believe in music and moods, and to me Sinatra is perfect for a grey day when your a little sad or for when you get your heart torn out. Now don't get me wrong, I can listen to Frank whenever, and usually do, but the days I described are the kind of days when only Frank will do.
Dino is for those perfect spring days, when the weather is just starting to warm up and you can drive with the windows down or if your in love...and not any kinda love, head over heels crazy love, ya'll know what I mean. Both are good background cooking music.
The Rat Pack however, a force to be reckoned with and not to be listened to while driving as you may laugh yourself off the road and into a ditch.
One of the first things my sweetie got me, was Sinatra Live in Vegas, and I heart him for that, it's a compilation I didn't have (I own a scary amount of Sinatra) it unexpected and for a first, hey, I saw this and thought of you gift, it was pretty on the mark. (I know, there really is no point to this aside, at all...but I thought it was super sweet of him and wanted to acknowledge it)
Sinatra for whatever reason is just a constant in my life, his music and movies made some of life's heartaches a little easier to bear. And although, I never knew him, never met him, never had the privilege of seeing him perform live and in person, he's brought something to my life. Thank you Frank, for whatever that something is.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Still got nothing...
Am working on random little knitterly things here and there, a plain ol sock in some stash yarn that is making it's own pattern as it goes...neat-o-rific man and here i just thought it just stripped itself. Stripped or striped? Man my spelling leaves a lot to be desired, this is what happens when you are taught to spell phonetically, but i digress.
Am trying to get better at capitalization, still liking just having everything in lower case. I think it just comes down to sheer laziness on my part.
Dudes, it's only Wednesday...which normally would be fine except for the part where all day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday, so imagine my disapointment this morning when I realized that today was in fact Wednesday and not Thursday.
oh well.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I got...

Nothing... nothing at all. No new news to share, no new knits, zip, nada, zilch.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I think I'm gonna keep him...

I came home one fatefull day holding a box. Sweetie askes, "what's in the box?" I looked at him all sweet and innocent, big puppy eyes in play and replied, "I was a bad girl. I ordered yarn" (please keep in mind I have 3 large plastic containers full of yarn and a smaller one with sock yarn) to which he replied something to the effects of, nothing wrong with that. I was dumbfounded at that response. Normally I get a head shake and a wise ass comment.
I proceeded to show him the contents of the little box, he pet each skein as I showed it to him, admiring the colors, he rubbed it on his cheek to feel the softness, then he did something, I've never seen a person do, he sniffed the yarn. I've heard rumors of yarn sniffers, but I though they were a yarny urban legend, didn't think they really existed. Now I know, they do exist and my sweetie one of them, he is a yarn sniffer.