Monday, May 19, 2008


I feel like a giant UG! Just sleepy and grumpy and lacking in caffeine. I am also feeling very whale-ish...I'm a lazy lump, I need to start walking again, then maybe I will feel better. So, my goal this week, is to start walking a half hour a night.

I did some shopping this past weekend, for my favorite things swap of ravelry, my sweetie and for myself... ok, mostly for me and not so much the sweetie.
Books and movie purchases: Jane Austen: The Compete Novels and Cooking for Mr. Latte. I must say, I love the book fluff that comes out in the summer time. Also got season 5 of '24'! OMG!! O! M! G! Such a kick ass start. I do so lurves me some Jack Bauer, can't wait till next Jan. when season 7 starts. This is why I shouldn't be allowed in bookstores unsupervised.

Alcohol purchases: Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack (for my sweetie), Chivas Regal (originally bought for my sweetie, but has been taken over by me, as it is super yummy mixed with ginger ale) Margarita in a bottle (small bottle, sadly there is no room in the fridge for the jug o margarita) and a bottle of TGIF Pina Coloda (and yes, I like getting caught in the rain)
Sadly there was no yarny purchases or even any yarn related purchases. So sad. :'(

Finally saw the Devil's Advocate, thank god for Al Pacino because Keanu is lacking something...what is it? oh ya, talent! Dude couldn't even stick with the southern accent throughout scene let alone the entire movie. And the ending, very disspointing, would have been happier if it just ended when Keanu shoots himself in the head. Am done ranting now. =D

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