Monday, April 30, 2012

The Postman Always Rings Twice...

I got some pretty yarn in the mail today.  It's from BohemiaFibers, she is a wonderful dyer. 
It's a Trunk Yarn.  The color was a mystery, but, I couldn't be more pleased with it.  Blues, tans, greens, maroon.  It's fall, in a sock yarn.  Perfect & soft. 
She has made a yarn club based on The Walking Dead, that I have joined.  I should be recieving the first installment tomorrow! :)  A Boy & His Bow.  A beautiful tan, blue & sea green color based on the one & only Daryl Dixon. 

I will also be getting some mini skeins in other various Walking Dead inspired hues. 
I can't wait to get them!!  I was originally going to make hexi blanket, but there are SO.MANY.ENDS!  So, I am making a mini mania scarf.  I can't wait. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Holy new blogger batman!
I didn't think I was gone that long, with, so many changes. 

The question you're all dying to ask...'Where in the world have I been?'
Packing.  Packing has become my life, or close to it.  So, no knitting, new or otherwise.

I'm still playing on Ravelry, in fact, with the 2012 Olympics coming around in July, the buzz of the Ravelympics has started!  I of course joined, on the The Knitting Dead thread (ha ha that rhymed) and am now team captain!  We're up to almost 70 people on our team, if you want to join feel free, no knitter left behind!

I joined a 3 month yarn club, for The Walking Dead (TWD), and let me tell ya I can't wait to get my first installment, the colors are beautiful!!!

and then there's the mini skein I'll be getting...also TWD themed.  Soon, I will have a TWD sock blanket to snuggle with when the ZA hits.  I can't wait. 

What's new with everyone? 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fork you bitches!!!

So, my friend and I had a little date, dinner and a dvd.  We went to our regular chinese food place.  Usually, I, being the talented creature that I am, will balance a spoon on my nose, seriously, I do this everywhere, prom, my wedding, other people's weddings, it's my schtick or however you spell that.  I post them, people comment, we laugh, "oh that Pam and her nose..."!    One comment: always a spoon, why not try something other than a spoon?  Then the gaunlet was thrown and the CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

So my lovely friends here, is a Pammy with a fork on her nose. 

and for the record, my hair is not purple, my phone just makes it that color. 

Still no knitting to report.  Chez Sleeping Si will be moving at the end of the month, so there has been packing.