Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014!

Hope you rang in the New Year with a bang!

Christmas was wonderful, I got a skein of yummy Alpaca wool that will be transformed from a yarn cake to a Koolhaas hat! A gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe, and the surprise Christmas winner, a pair of Batman feetie pajamas!

batman feeties
What is a New Year without a couple of Resolutions?

2014 Resolutions :
  • learn the dreaded magic loop method
  • knit more socks! (lord knows I have enough sock yarn)
  • get together with friends more often
  • knit something with color work, possibly mittens
  • use up stash yarn
  • yoga it up!
  • get back into the gym habit
2014 Word of the Year: Faith
 Faith in others, Faith in a greater being, and Faith in myself.

and remember, at the start of each New Year we are all gifted a clean slate. 
hold faith in your hearts

Friday, December 27, 2013

A very Spidey Christmas

Christmas Stocking
This is what has been taking up my time.  I started this on November 21st and just finished it today.
I am quite pleased with how it turned out, hopefully the Fisherman will like it. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I am quite prodcutive

When I am left to my own devices and there is no t.v.
Dessert from Saturday nights dinner
apple crisp

Beef stew with turnips, carrots, parsnips & sweet potato
beef stew
Wooly socks made for the Fisherman just cause. 
Made with Lionbrand Fishermen's wool on size 6 needles.
2x2 rib. 
wooly socks

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Knitting season is fast approaching

Christmas is my favorite time of year, the snow, the twinkle lights, the magic, the red cups at Starbucks, hey, just being honest.  What I don't love is that Christmas now starts in October and the commercialism of it all and why it's now called 'giftmas'. It is what it is, it's the times we live in etcetera, etcetera, sad, but true.  I will get off my soapbox now. 

The Fisherman tells a story where his younger brothers teacher knit her entire class a Christmas stocking, his brother being in this class received one, he was slightly jealous and still is I think of that.  So, being a knitter, I've decided to rectify this and knit him a Christmas stocking. There was an internal debate, what kind to knit, a serious more traditional one, maybe some kind of gansey motif or something fun like the fornicating deer or penguin? The Fisherman loves Spiderman, so I go onto Ravelry and search for the famous web slinger and low and behold there is a Spiderman sweater!  It's cute really, knit up in blue with red trim, Spidey's face done up in intarsia on one sleeve and a spider web & spider on the other, I've decided to take the Spidey face sleeve and somehow turn that into a stocking to be hung by the chimney with care (there may even be a Deadpool one in my future if all goes well with Spidey).  Pictures to come when I start it. 

I need some ideas for stocking stuffers, gifts I got under control, the stocking stuffers are what throw me, any ideas?  

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Fishermans Socks

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you can get rid of him for the weekend.

Boyfriend Socks by Alice Bell
Knit on size 1.5 needles
Yarn: Sundara Sport Merino Two
Color way: Cape Cod Bay

The socks, they are done and best of all, he loves them! They fit well and are warmed than a pair of silk lined socks he once had, and they go well with his robe.

I started a second pair of socks for him yesterday for him, out of Lion Brand Fishermen's wool on size 6 needles, so, it's really no surprise that I turned the heel this morning.  Hopefully these will be done by Friday. 

I am most proud of the sock label I made to wrap around these. I took a cartoon drawing my fisherman's brother drew of him, made it black & white (I do not have a color printer) put it in the center with the sock name at the top & knit for you with love and under the picture was a cute little joke along with the care instructions.

I've gotten a little tripped up on my Irish Coffee, but I have a feelings once I get past this little hurdle, it'll be smooth sailing for the sweater (fingers crossed). 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Look what followed me home...

...can I keep it?

The Fisherman took me on a wonderful surprise weekend to North Conway, NH. There were waterfalls and snowfalls, wonderful meals and tons of laughs.  While in N. Conway we happened upon a yarn store. I went in looking for some lovely souvenir sock yarn for me, when the Fisherman happened to notice some berroco sox in a manly color way. He liked it, so, I got it to knit him a pair of socks.  I'm thinking a plain ol ribbed for his pleasure kind of socks for this yarn. 
I also got myself some lovely purple/grey/black yarn for a pair of tall socks for myself.  Hey, if he can wear hand knit socks fishing, so can I, plus, I've been watching #operationsockdrawer on instagram and have increasingly jealous of all the hand knit socks people seem to have.

multi color of tans, gold, navy, green & white

actually, it's a lovely black to grey to purple color.

Th-th-th-that's all folks. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I am thiiiiiis close

to being done with the Fisherman's sock, the first one on the size 1.5 needles.  I already have plans for another pair after this one is done too, because I am crazy and like knitting kayak covers. 
The man wears a size 12 shoe.  SIZE 12 SHOE!  Luckily his feet aren't wide.  

I spent some time with the Fisherman this past weekend and he requested biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  I have never made this nor had I ever eaten before, but it was GOOD. I looked up some recipes, and went with the Joy the Baker's dad's buttermilk biscuit recipe, so easy & so yummy! As for the gravy portion, I decided to go with the Pioneer Woman's recipe for sausage gravy. Again, so easy and so, very, very yummy.  

biscuits & sausage gravy

Now, what you do with the leftover buttermilk? You make homemade buttermilk pancakes of course!
(sorry there's no picture of those) They were quite yummy though!

That's really all I got and for that I am sorry.