Thursday, May 1, 2008

I think I'm gonna keep him...

I came home one fatefull day holding a box. Sweetie askes, "what's in the box?" I looked at him all sweet and innocent, big puppy eyes in play and replied, "I was a bad girl. I ordered yarn" (please keep in mind I have 3 large plastic containers full of yarn and a smaller one with sock yarn) to which he replied something to the effects of, nothing wrong with that. I was dumbfounded at that response. Normally I get a head shake and a wise ass comment.
I proceeded to show him the contents of the little box, he pet each skein as I showed it to him, admiring the colors, he rubbed it on his cheek to feel the softness, then he did something, I've never seen a person do, he sniffed the yarn. I've heard rumors of yarn sniffers, but I though they were a yarny urban legend, didn't think they really existed. Now I know, they do exist and my sweetie one of them, he is a yarn sniffer.

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