Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes, baby, I've been drinkin'

I know I shouldn't come by no more, but I found myself in trouble darlin' and I had no palce else to go. I got some whiskey from a bottle, got some cocaine from a friend...
DAMN! I love Beth Hart. She's just friggin awesome.

Ok, it's little and stupid, but I gotta tell you, this Lost on Tuesdays, totally screwing with me, I wake up ever Wednesday thinking it's Thursday.

Curious if anyone has a knit a hemmie with Noro Kureyon yarn, I bet that would be pretty. Maybe my second one I'll try it with that, if I ever get past row 37 on the first that is!!!

The 2 inch bottom of Todd's cobblestone is almost done!! 4 episodes of 24 and that's all I got. Jack would totally mock me and kick my ass for that!

My heart is still tender after this latest fiasco with the fisherman. I really wanted to knit him a pair of socks and now I can't and that saddens me. Also, never got to finish and give him his hat. So many knits that will never be.

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