Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Can't Think of Anything Clever.

I took yesterday off, an official, work sanctioned 'mental health day', it was wonderful.   I staying in my pajama's all day, knit a ton Squish, it was only 1 pattern repeat but man alive there are alot of stitches in that 1 repeat.  I've decided to add another repeat before doing the border, it just doesn't seem big enough and I don't hold much faith that blocking will make it that much bigger.  I'm sure the knitting nymphs will be glad to prove me wrong, and it will be more than possible that I did in fact knit a ranch house.   (I would post a picture, but it's still on the needles and looks the same as it did before.)

I'll knit a little more on it this weekend and next weekend, along with some little hearts, my Wild Thing sweater and a little something for the pooh bear. 

I don't know why but Christmas hasn't held the same magic for me as it has in the past.  I'm not sure why that is, but it makes me sad.  Maybe I'll write a letter to Santa.  And buy lots of twinkle lights, because twinkle lights make everything festive and magical. 

Another goal for next year, post more pictures.  :)

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