Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Send someone to fetch us, we're in Saskatchewan

Why yes, I am listening to 'Movin'' Right Along', wanna make something of it?  Didn't think so. :p

I am snarky today, my head hurts and once again, I have no knitting to report on.
I do however have some vacation days saved up that I plan to take and have my own private knitstock, with bathrooms, and kitties and tv (oh my!).  I want to knit the pooh bear something for Christmas but I am not sure what.  A sweater? A vest? I mean he'll be 2 months old so, toys seem kinda irrelevant, ya know?  Suggestions are welcome.

Christmas is fast approaching, which means so is New Years Eve.  My goal is to finish out this year with no UFO's on the needles or as few as possible, and like everything in knitting, socks don't count.  

New Year's Knitting goals:
~ Knit more than 1 pair of socks
~ Knit something for the girls for Christmas
~ Learn Magic Loop, so many people love it and 100 million Elvis fans can't be wrong.
~ Knit from stash
~ Organize my stash and list on ravelry with pictures

That's all I got right now.


jomamma said...

Ewww, please don't make me think about New Year's resolutions. There's no way I could start the new year with NO UFOs. I wish I could get into Ravlery... Ravelry... Hell I can't even spell it.

me said...

sorry. thinking about Christmas makes me depressed.
why can't you get into Ravelry?