Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Halloween is next Monday, and whilst I love Halloween, this year it is making me sad.  I never really had trick or treaters in all my years living on my own, despite that, I always bought candy, just in case, but that isn't why I'm sad.  I'm sad, because I have been missing my ex.  I'm not sure why, maybe because the Patriots have been on Sundays and we use to watch it together or if his friend Mike would come over to watch, I'd go on the computer catch up on some t.v. shows but the game would be background noise.  I miss that. 
I also miss our Halloween.  It was more or less a regular day, dinner, t.v., Edgar full of candy on the coffee table (Edgar is my bear cookie jar that had mini candy in it year round) maybe a horror movie or some video gaming.  Things we did mostly everyday, but this time of year makes me miss it more. 
This Halloween, maybe this year, while watching The Living Dead I'll knit him a heart or 2. 

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