Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I need to be a waitress

Not really, in all honesty, for the most part people annoy me.  I'm kinda like Shirley McLain in Steel Magnolia's only younger and with better hair, fashion sense & 2 cats instead of a huge dog.  
However, and this is what I don't understand, and yes, I know it's tv and not real life, but apparently, as a waitress you can afford a nice apartment, in a big city, granted they're in a scary neighborhood, but still!  How?  GRRRRR
tiny rant over, thank you for your support.

Last Wednesday I got to spend the entire day with my lovely S.i.L and cute as a button pooh bear.  I, as a first time Auntie, learned how to change my first diaper, with mom's assistance of course, it was poopy & everything.  I was so proud of myself.  When I was done velcroing the diaper, I picked him up and the moment of truth, the diaper stayed on.  That's right folks, I did not have to duct tape the diaper to the baby as I feared I might have had to.
O.K. folks, here's what gets me, they have first time parent classes, sibling classes, hell, Grandparent classes, all to teach you how to care for a baby...Grandparent classes, seriously!?!?  but NO Auntie classes.  GRRRRRRR.  Anywho, there was much baby coo-ing and snuggling and it was fabulous and best of home, I went home smelling with my clothes smelling like the baby.  :)

I have been working a lot lately, so no new knitting going on, just a couple of hearts here and there. 


jomamma said...

lol I used to have to remind my kids... TV is not real. Not even reality TV is real. It's the farthest thing from reality. But you know this.

me said...

i know right!!