Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Story

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was unlike any other princess, this princess knit, and she knit everywhere around her kingdom. While the court jesters performed various things, comedies, tragedies & nonsense. Others thought the princess was odd for her knitting, feeling it was something that only old women did, but our princess dismissed these thoughts as foolish and laughed at these poor misguided fools.
The princess knit all sorts of things, a sweater, a few hats, a blanket and socks. Oh did our princess love to knit socks! She had a favorite pair that she wore whenever her royal tootsies got a chill.
One chilly, snowy day, our princess pulled out her favorite linen heeled socks, to put onto her royal tooties, when what did she discover? A HOLE! Yes, you read that correctly a hole at the bottom of the heel of her sock. The princess took a closer look, apparently our princess dropped a stitch.
So now our princess, has to learn how to darn a sock.


Hearing Aids said...

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me said...

Thank you! :)