Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like a Lost Angel

I was listening to Candy by my man Marty, the lyric, "Like a lost angel not longed for this world" struck a chord with me.

More often than not I feel lost in my own life. It seems like everyone else knows what they want, how to get it and how to keep it. Everyone else has a plan, and then there's me.

A friend told me once 'Problems are impossible to solve if you just focus on the problem. Solutions are possible if you accept they can be done and you are capable of doing it. ' (betcha didn't know I was friends with Tony Robbins*)

I try to live by that theory. Sometimes it's a struggle, you feel so weighed down by whatever the problem is, no matter how large or small, you think that you'll never be able to get up, but you do, and your stronger because of it, eventually.

*I'm not really friends with Tony Robbins, but seriously, how cool would it be if I was?


suzanne said...

I am "a bit" older than you, and there are always points in life where I feel like I am not sure of the who what or where of my life, I think that as you go through life, change happens, and at some points you feel secure and know it all, and others you don't. I am going through a changeling period of my own. It's tough. Eventually you will get on the right road!

Soapbox. said...

I can definitely relate to this. I'm really good at sweating the small stuff. I totally believe that's why margaritas are vital to sanity.