Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It is offically 2011. A fresh start for a new year. My room is clean, my knitting organized, ok, just a couple of things but the closet is alot neater than it was so that's a win in my book.

I finished one of my stornoways sock. Ooooh, purdy.
I am at the ribbing stage of my BSG sock.
Also, I knit a heart before falling asleep last night, in Noro no less. It's pretty and pink. Granted I still have to weave in the ends, but I'm planning to stuff it, so, I can't weave till it's stuffed, so there :p

Meet my original monkey George. Now I've had George for years!! My big squishy. Here he is modeling my button hat. I got 2 little faux diamond flower buttons as I couldn't find my big button I got originally for the hat. I kinda like the flower buttons better anyway. (I'll try to get a close up of them)

Resolutions, everyone has them, here are mine:
  • Be a better blogger: that means post more of projects here, including pictures
  • Update my Ravelry project page: hey, I'm uploading pictures to here anyway, what's putting them somewhere else.
  • Knit 1,000 hearts: if a wish can be granted by 1,000 folded paper cranes, why not 1,000 knitted hearts?
  • Be a better person: I suck, I know this, let me 'splain. I'm a moody bitch, who on a bad day has the patience of a rabid pitbull. On a good day, I'm funny, pleasant, happy-go-lucky. My goal, have more good days and have less life rage.
  • Live my life for myself: Granted, you do have to take other people into consideration, and I understand that. But when you start to ignore what you want in favor of what others want then I think it's a problem. Yes I know, it's a smidge selfish and that's ok, it's allowed, like everything in moderation.
  • Get in touch with my inner Holly Go-Lightly: have the confidence I had when I was HS. The crazy one who took a belly dancing class on a whim, who maybe wasn't so crazy.
  • Not believe the hype and just be myself: I'm done caring what other people think of me (see above) If you like me, you like me, if not, your loss. I'm fabulous, I know it. :p
  • Knit more: I know right. I have my 12in2011 projects (will post those later) all set up, written down with the yarn I'll be using for each project. Using up stash yarn - yay me!
  • Swear less: I have the mouth of sailor on leave (no idea where that turn of phrase came from but I digress) now, this doesn't mean that if I stub my toe, I'm not going to drop the F-bomb, studies show that swearing helps the pain go away faster, I'm sure I read that somewhere....
  • The standards: Eat better, more fruits, veggies etc, drink more water, exercise etc.
  • Let go of my anger: Learn to forgive.
  • Have faith: In myself and in others. The older you get, the harder it seems to be to see the good in people and yourself.
  • More whimsy: twinkle lights, fairies, swinging on swings, catching snowflakes on my tongue, skipping down the street, running around barefoot in the grass. More silly, more fun.

That's all I got, all do-able I think. What are yours?


suzanne said...

I "don't believe" in making new year's resolutions, but I like yours...maybe I will be a bit lazy and selfish and just use yours!! LOL!! I DO especially like the whimsy one, everyone should find the whimsical in life, at least sometimes!

me said...

i'm usually not big on resolutions either, you want to change something, change it, no need to wait till the start of a new year, ya know? but sometimes, you need a 'resolution' to give yourself permission for things.
now i just need to find some twinkle lights....