Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Most Important Meal of the Day

I'm talking about breakfast.

Saturday morning the Fisherman and I went fishing at the flats.  I caught seaweed and a shell, the Fisherman caught a flounder.  I don't know, such is the nature of the beast or the fish in this case.
I used a spin rod as it is far to late in the season to be teaching me how to cast a fly rod, which I am ok with, I like the spin rod.

When we got home I went a little hog wild and made a full Irish breakfast for my Fisherman.  This was a plan as I made the brown bread a couple of nights before and went to the magical German Kitchen where the blood sausages and good bacon live.

I poached my very first egg with the help of Alton Brown (he is a genius) and look how pretty it is.
It doesn't even look poached, but, trust me it is.

first poached egg

Breakfast included: Irish Brown Bread, poached eggs, beans in tomato sauce, blood sausage, bacon roasted potato (not shown) & breakfast sausage (for me I don't really dig on blood sausage). 
Irish Brekkie with Earl Grey tea
The Fisherman was so proud of this breakfast that showed it to a couple of his fishing buddies.  They were impressed (as they should be...look at that egg!!) 
It was gobbled up with much enthusiasm and gusto and I believe the phrase, 'you know it's a good breakfast when you need to take a break from easting sausage to eat some bacon.'
We then retired to the couch for a much needed nap.  :)

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