Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm a Grumpy Gus

Dear Lord in heaven it's only Wednesday, 2 more days left.

Anywho...please allow me to bitch for a moment:

Years ago, I knit my friend a sweater for her 1st baby, to my knowlege, it was never used. I'll be honest, it hurt a little, as alot of effort was put into the sweater, it didn't look "hand-made" (ya'll know what i mean by that...).
My ex-hubby (the handsome guy sporting the tiara in "Birthdays & Knitting") would not allow me to knit him a sweater and had more scaves than any man should have (which to his credit he wore out in public as opposed to my sweetie, but I digress) and this was before I learned to knit socks, thank god as the man has huge and wide tootsies.
I knit my sweetie a scarf, which he used around the house a couple of times, and that was it and I recently knit him a pair of socks, which have never been tried on, let alone used.
Am I being unreasonable? If I am, please tell me, cause I'd like to know.
I mean, honestly, why do I bother? I like to knit for others, but there's no point and it's unappreciated and just a waste of my time, so, I am going to be selfish, and knit things for myself.


Lost Lishy said...

Nothing wrong with knitting for yourself! At least you know the recipient will use/enjoy what you make :)

Sleeping Si said...