Thursday, April 3, 2008

Father in Law Sweater

My ex-FIL Frank, is a wonderful man, he gives the best hugs. He reminds me of The Dude in the Big Lebowski, that kind of Zen like presence, he is kind, funny, I rarely ever saw him get mad. He loves his crazy wife, sons, daughters and grandkids, and he loved me. Trust me, I can talk about Frank for hours, telling silly little Frank stories, but I won't, all I know is if I ever get married again, whoever my FIL will be has big shoes to fill.

That being said, the point to this little entry...
I was knitting the men's zip up raglan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for Frank, my FIL, who I absolutely adored. I started it in the spring of 2004 and it was going to be gifted to him as a father's day present from just me (as opposed to my then hubby and myself). I envisioned him wearing it in the office on chilly days or if the AC was up to high and the girls he worked with commenting on it and him saying how his daughter in law knit it for him.

Father's Day came and went and the sweater wasn't done (I remember I had to frog it a bunch of times because of stupid mistakes), so it will be a Christmas sweater, I knit it all throughout the summer, I was knitting it when the Red Sox beat the Yankee's and made Billy Crystal cry, when we Won the Series (first time in 86 years!!) and every chance I could after that (was working crazy hours).

Christmas came and went and i had just started the second sleeve. Shortly thereafter I decided to get a divorce. It was a hard decision but the right one, my husband and I were polite roommates, it was no one persons fault, sometimes love just isn't enough. At that point I put the sweater away, too sad to knit on it anymore.

I decided earlier this year that I would finish all my UFO's, and that means my FIL sweater. I don't know who to gift it to, as it was knit for Frank, it has all my daughterly love for him in it. . I have thought about giving it to him anyway, but I think that would be akward. Then I thought about giving it to my brother or best friend Mike, and it's not that I think they wouldn't appreciate it but I never see either of them wearing sweaters, and besides it wasn't knit for them.
I guess there is really no point to this little entry. Who knew a simple sweater could create so much confusion and emotion.

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