Monday, April 7, 2008


I went to Seed Stitch this weekend and oh do I love that store! The staff there are so nice, friendly and helpful, just what you want in a LYS. There was a lovely lady there on Sunday, who was kind enough to tell me that next time I stop by for me to bring the fuzz (mohair) with me and she'll figure out what it is I am doing wrong, she advised that it may be a too tight cast on, which very well could be, so, on my next Noro run, I will bring fuzzy with me and hopefully get that started & finished before summer starts and I am vowing that this summer will be my summer of socks! woo hoo!!

This weekend I went to Chickies (to do laundry & to hang out as DB was working) and we rented "Jane Austin Book Club". OMG! EXCELLENT movie, and Kathy Baker pretty much knits throughout the entire movie, which I thought was great. It made me want to read Jane Austin, who, and I'll be honest here, I've been afraid to read, as in HS I had to read Emily Bronte's "Jane Eyre" and OMG, that was the longest, most boring book I have ever read. But, I think that I will give Ms. Austin a chance and see what happens. Which book to start with....

Also watch "Dan in Real Life" with DB, which was surprisingly funny. I was a little unsure about it, but I was proved wrong. DB is confuddeled at the fact that I can knit and watch T.V. at the same time. I'm sure others do this as well and if you do, is your partner just as confuddled as mine is at the doing 2 things at once? It's actually kind of funny really.

The kitties will be moving in this weekend. I am nervous as DB has a cat, a male cat, and I have a male & female cat. Everyone has me paranoid that it will be a 24 hour Battle Royal between the 2 male cats. Any advice?

ok, I need a nap now.

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