Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thieved from Lish...
What were you doing when you were 21? Let's relive shall we????Here we go....!
1. In what year did you turn 21? 1997
2. How many years ago was that? 11
3. What if anything was memorable in how you looked? um, i had the grunge look down...
4. What was your favorite outfit? babydoll dress, fishnets and combat boots
5. What kind of car did you drive? 1986 chevy cavilar
6. Did you have a job? i worked at a motorclub during the week and a drycleaners on Sat.
7. Did you like your job? it was ok.
8. Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? i had a davey
9. What can you remember about them? he's a sweetie and a good friend
10. Did you have any close friends? um, sure.
11. Do you still stay in touch with them? um, sure
12.Did you do anything special on your 21st birthday? went to a chinese food place for drinks and the gang had to tell them to card me... sad.
13.What was the most memorable moment of the year of 21? i don't know...

Now it's your turn! Repost this with your answers on your blog!

on another note, Lila caught a mouse. and yes i screamed like a girl. the boys found it amusing....

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spud's bud said...

My favorite was when my 3 year old niece was all excited about going out to see Spud.We found him sitting in the garden holding a very dead very battered very....well... very juicy mouse.Any time we got near to him he would growl,lay his ears back an paw the ground.