Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We have a new President!!!

I am getting back in touch with an old friend, I finished a Monkey, bought a pig (stuffed, not real, as no pigs (monkeys, llamas, sheep, dogs or any other cute furry critter i can think of) are allowed, just the 2 kitties), my interviews the past 2 days, look promising, so fingers crossed. Both are family run businesses, which is good, because you spend enough time with them, they are like your family...I love Novemeber. ooh, is that ok to say or will I jinx something?


spud's bud said...

hey congrats!I'm sure one of the jobs will work.

spud's bud said...

Lets try this again.Hey congrats on the interviews.I'm sure that not only will it work out for you but you will have to chose which job you want.I'll still send good thought you way but just to be safe I'll do it before I take the Nyquil,Benadyl cocktail.