Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday = Lost Day!

I had the most bizarre dream last night. Now, first off, it's rare that I even remember my dreams, I am whole heartly believe that I don't dream. Last nights dream involved me running into my old neighbor Jackie, he was tall and told me I was pretty. I don't know, it was just bizarre to dream about Jackie, of all people, our parents were friends and we were forced upon each other practically every day, his mother had china patterns picked out by the time I turned 8. Then in HS we became mortal enemies and that was that. I wonder what that means.

Anywho...finished my Monkey socks. LOVE the pattern, love the socks... just a good experience all around with them. Pictures, maybe tomorrow....

Lost is on tonight! I hope Hurley's in this episode.

OH! I joined a Tea and Yarn swap on Ravelry! Am very excited to put together a parcel (love that word!) for my partner.


Wicked said...

I'm glad I reminded you of Labyrinth. It's such a good movie.

Hi by the by. :-)

spud's bud said...

I'm so far behind on Lost I"m.well............lost

Last one I saw they were all still on the island

Thought about getting in on a swap but I suck at gift giving and card writing so I think I'll just stick to reading about yours.

Been dreaming to but for your sake I'll keep them to myself ok

Ok my word was ingelic...kinda like angelic isn't it???

spud's bud said...

A far as last week goes....Thank you,thank you for everything.And I'm sure as sin that Mom thanks you to.Now even though Dad doesn't know it he owes you to.I'm sure you kept me a little calmer then I would have been just one my own