Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Wrong Frank

Today is the 11th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's death. In honor of his passing, I'm going to tell you a tale. Sit down, pop some popcorn (individual size bag, it isn't that long of a story) and make yourself comfy!

A little background, I was dating Dave at the time (my ex hubby) and was still living at home.

On the day on May 14th, I get out of the shower, and go to my room to get ready for work, when my mother calls me into her room and here's how the conversation went:

mom: pam, come in for a second and sit down
me: i go in and sit
mom: dave just called, Frank died last night
me: what? (getting all teary eyed) what do you mean he died?I just saw him last night. how did he die? how's dave?
mom: how's dave? no, sweetie not that Frank, Frank Sinatra.



Jennifer in NYC said...

lol. that's funny.

Sleeping Si said...

True story...

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy & comment. =D