Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok, here it goes, I have thought about it and I have decided to frog Frank's sweater. From what I've read the sleeves don't match up the way the pattern was written and I'd be too heartbroken to redo it. So, that's that. I will probably cry whilst frogging it too.

I started, way back when a sweater for my mother. I messed up on something and had to rip apart the ribbing. I have since lost the book the pattern came in, therefor I don't know what size needle I used, can't find the ball band for the yarn, it's just a giant cluster, so that too is getting frogged, soon to come back as a February Lady Sweater for my mother, whose birthday is in February.

As my grandpa would say, what are ya gonna do?

I suppose this is a good thing. Less guilt if I start something new.


spud's bud said...

I feel for ya........I really do

Sleeping Si said...

is all good. =)