Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fruit Loops

Honestly this post has nothing to do with fruit loops, I was just at a major loss for a title so there ya go.

Something I have to realize, just because I print out a pattern, doesn't mean I have to knit it up. I may have thought it was pretty and although I'm sure I still think that, more likely than not it's futzy for my knitting preference, and THAT'S OK!

I found a pattern from 2008's Summer of Socks, and I was just at the start of the leg (it was toe up) and I decided I really didn't like the pattern. Maybe it was the yarn/pattern combo, more likely than not it was just me as I kept misplacing stitches and getting annoyed. I frogged it last night and was not sad to see it go.

Me thinks I need to weed thru my knitting patterns and organize them in a binder or something. I don't know, bad day, need to be able to control something ya know.

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