Monday, September 12, 2011

Grant Me Serenity

I am an introvert and astrologically, a cancer.  This makes for a very interesting breed of a pammy.  That being said, there are lots of things are afoot at Chez Si.  Staging, selling, moving and such = a freaked out and anxiety ridden girl.  If anyone has any advice or meds, I'll gladly take it. 

Also, with regards to selling, burying a St. Joseph in your yard to sell your home, say a friend has one, and isn't using it, because, they sold their house, can you use it or do you need fresh St. Joe mojo? 

As we all know, I have been knitting on my Big Squish blanket.  It's simple and mindless, no real counting and the like, it eases my troubled mind.  Problem is, the person I was knitting this for has decided for some reason to stop talking to me.  Part of me thinks they fell off their roof again and died.  Another part thinks they are just being them, antisocial and aloof.  So, my other question to you is this, when I am finally done with Squish, what do I do with it?  Should I just send it to it's intended reciepent and be done with it?  This person is oh so very knitworthy it's painfull, so I know it'll be appreciated, but I don't want to seem like a bunny boiler...what to do?  What to do?

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jomamma said...

My old Aunt who taught me to knit 13 years ago told me that knitting is a labor of love. Never knit for $$. When someone asks you to knit something for them and says "I'll pay you..." tell them to go on down to Neiman's, they can get it cheaper there. When you find someone that is "knit worthy" (I love that and I'm stealing it from you) then you should give it to them. I knit things for people and they watch me for weeks or months, never knowing that it's for them until they get it. So just give it to them and say "I thought you'd enjoy this." and be done with it. Perhaps they think you are the one that's not speaking or fell of your roof.