Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Short term goal: to take an online course to be a legal secretary

Long term goal: to get a job at a law firm & possibly become a paralegal

Short term goal: save money so that I can do this next year (it's about $1000) if there's yarn that I want, put the money aside into my "college fund" account, yarn will always be there, maybe not the color I want, but that's what birthdays & Christmas is for right?

Long term goal: continue to save money bc well it's the smart thing to do.  (once school is settled, save a little for a 'fun fund' too)

So, that's that.  It'll be hard.  I sometimes like to get all spendy whe I shouldn't.  Which is why I tend to avoid the malls. 


I need to redo my heel toe.  It's too pointy.  Methinks a 3 needle bind off might be best in this situation. 

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