Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A love story of sorts

I couldn't let another anniversary go by without saying something.

That handsome devil at the top there, is my kitty Sirus, Si for short, 12 years ago today my now ex husband and I adopted him.  He was an early birthday present for our first year of marriage.  Apparently I am the kind of person who needs to have a cat, or so Dave told me.  Dave went to the shelter before he took me and scoped out the kitties, found Si, whose name at the time was Seal.  He brought me down to meet him and another couple was interested in him, luckily we got him first! He was an older cat, about 1 or 2 at the time and a complete love.  We took him home, and this is where the love story begins. 

I have always been Si's person and he has always been 'my' cat.  Meaning that Si was always in the same room as me, if he was asleep on the couch and I got up to go to on the computer, he would wake up and follow me.  At night, he would sleep on my pillow, well the top of it, with his paws on my head. Dave was actually a little jealous of this.  In fact that was one of the reasons he agreed to getting Lila, so that he could have his own cat. HA! Lila is very much her own cat, and my Si guys shadow.  She absolutely adores him and follows him EVERYWHERE, it's kinda cute. 

Si has been my faithful companion thru a lot, a divorce, 4 moves & more than a heartaches.  He is my heart. 

the first and last time we ever napped like this

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