Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I don't understand something, cowls...I just don't get it, why not use a scarf? I confuddled.

After some time and lots of talking my sweetie & I are getting back together, I will hopefully be back home by the 19th. =)

My hemmi is in a time out. It is being a naughtly little knit. My 20 hour '24' sweater however I have made some progress on however I doubt I'll be done with it when the show ends.

I am at the heel on my 2nd pretty in pink and purple sock and that pleases me. Next sock will be for my sweetie, we picked out a lovely shade of grey in DiC Smooshy for his sock. I also got a lovely patteren for a scarf for the future MiL.

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Anonymous said...

Sometime a cowl is better because you don't have anything hanging down the could get caught on something.

you know I want to try a sock next.......maybe a big thick one,with a simple pattern