Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi ya bloggy,
Oh how I've missed you. Haven't had much going on in regards to knitterly things, as my mojo was hiding again, this time in the freezer behind the garlic bread! Anywho... had the baby shower last weekend and no I did not finish the baby sweater from hell in time for it, and you know what I. DON'T. FRAKKIN. CARE! So put that in your pipe and smoke it! (sorry, was guilted into going to the shower and pushed to knit something for the baby, so ya)
In happier knitty news (ya, totally just typed news knews) I have been knitting on my awesome brother Todd's cobblestone sleeve. This makes me squee with excitement. I'm chugging along on my sweeties socks, they may become my Hell's Kitchen project. Sadly, my BSG socks are at a standstill, haven't had a weekend to myself to watch BSG. No BSG, no BSG sock knitting. I am hoping to rectify this come Saturday. I also hope to take some pictures of said socks some time in the near future and post them.

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