Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angry Kitten Attack!!!

That's me, an angry kitten! You know what I did? Do ya? Wanna take a guess? Come on, you know you do, all the cool kids are doing it!! Stumped?!?

 Ok, well then, I'll tell ya. I effed up on my Stornaway sock. Oh ya! I have the pattern going up the same side. Basically, I made 2 left feet. Top that off with the fact that I started the stupid sock with the toe in the middle.

What? Don't believe me? 
<------   see. 

Can we say 'take 3'? I can. Third times a charm right? GRRRRR! SO MAD! Although, upon looking at it, it may not be as bad as I think, it looks like I had it going the right way, but somehow effed up on the heel portion which in turn screwed up the rest of the sock. That makes me feel a little bit better, not by much though, I'm still an idiot.

Breakfast as of late has been nummy in my tummy smoothies. So good!!! I am also, on the fold over portion of my puck's picot socks. Yay. I didn't get as far as I would have liked on them, but thems the breaks ya dig homeslice? what's wrong with this picture? that best be the last time ya'll doubt me is all I'm saying! ok, I have this all nice and pretty and spaced nicely. Then I hit publish. And everything smooshes together, makes me mad.

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