Monday, June 6, 2011

These foolish things...

I am on a major Sinatra high right now.   These foolish things is playing, not so softly in the background, it's June, it's 80 out and we're wearing sunglasses, hit it.

oh ya!  watched The Walking Dead.  SO GOOD!  Can not wait till it starts up again in October. 

My little bambino stroller blanket is coming along swimmingly, as are my picot socks.  At night I am going to alternate between Doug's socks and the Big Squish blanket, once my second square is done for a lovely Rav girl who recently lost her husband.  (i'll post pictures of the squares)

On a random note....I need to dye my hair, what color...auburn or a lovely brown?  decisions decisions. 

I had a point to this blog post and I've lost it. 
Sorry about that.

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