Tuesday, June 14, 2011


May today bring you peace.
May any negativity that's haunting your life vanish.
May you choose to help yourself heal yourself.
May you be true to your heart and your sweet little soul
May you love all.

I totally stole this from Violet of the Quiet Life of Violet.  I want to be her neighbor, i would totally learn how to french braid hair.   Seriously, I find her inspiring. 

I'm going to live by that.  I will be peaceful, try to heal myself of the past year, stop being negative, good things come to those who wait right?,  be good to myself, bc if I'm not good to myself, who will be? 

I need to stop trying to control my life and give God the reigns and a chance. 

I need to realize that I am good enough, deserve to be happy and loved and that someday, I will have the family that I want and most importantly that I am perfect just the way I am.  Because as Baltar states in BSG " "God only loves that which is perfect, and he loves you, because you are perfect"

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Chelong--Mary said...

good luck for you forever.