Monday, July 18, 2011

What's My Name Bitch?!?!

Don't ask. 

Where in the world has pammykins been this past month? 
Loudin for a motorcycle race, a couple of LAN parties - where I sit, knit and socialize, finishing BSG - so sad.  oh, ya, i turned 35, only 1 year left before I move out of the 25-35 box range :(  

Mostly, I've just been lazy about posting, and I apologize for that.
And although I may have been lazy, I have also been knitting.

I have proof and everything. 

These are the 2 blanket squares that I knit up for a fellow Raveler, who recently lost her husband.   A whole bunch of us knit up 2 squares each to make a big ol blanket of love.  (blocking and I are not BFF's)

<---  40th bday socks!  I am at the heel of the second one

I am still chugging away on the stroller/car seat blanket and the big squish is coming along loverly as well, 3 pattern repeats left before I move onto the border.  :D

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