Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Tribute to Felix

felix the kitty
 This is felix the kitty.  He was my now ex-boyfriends cat and friend, the way pets are for years before I met him.  Felix was a handsome little guy.  So sweet and mellow, I think I nicknamed him "the Dude".  He was always down to cuddle and snuggle.  Sadly, we had to put sweet Felix down on August 18th, 2008. 

If I was cooking, Felix was underfoot with me in the kitchen or on one of the chairs.  Usually if he was on the chair I'd go over and give him little head kisses, which were always met with purrs and head butts.  We had Felix creamated and placed in a black urn, with a silver band around the top.  Being that Felix was always in the kitchen with me, I asked if we could put him in the kitchen.  He was placed on the partition above the stove, watching over the dinners I cooked and keeping me company in the kitchen the way he always did. 

When I moved in my kitties met Felix for the first time.  Lila was not pleased and she was not afraid to let him know it.  Lila for the most part hung out in the back bedroom, she's weird, but when she was hungry she would come out, run up on Felix, hiss and swat at him and run away.  Felix just sat there with a 'really?' face.  (ya'll know the face) Sirius and Felix were indifferent to each other, both willing to share my lap, one on my lap the other on my legs.  Close, but not too close.  Every so often they'd be napping on the rectangular coffee table each head and body facing a different corner butts together.  V <--kinda like that.

We had 1 A/C, in the living room, and 2 couches.  His and hers if you will.  I remember one day, in July, I think, where I was awoken to Felix laying on my chest trying to eat my hair.  I later learned what he was actually was grooming me.

Felix has been on my mind allot lately.  I'm not sure what that means, if anything, or the reason for it, if there is one.  But he has been and I wanted to honor it and him with a little post. 

and now i am sitting here, crying, missing a kitty i only knew for a short period of time.

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