Monday, February 6, 2012

Believe in those you love

or at least that's what my Dove chocolate wrapper said. 

I've been feeling funky lately, I think it may be the stress of the party, which thankfully will be done this weekend. 

My super secret cross stitch pattern has been coming along swimmingly.

I finished my fisherman friend's hat and, this is the best part, IT FIT!  I swear I heard a chorus of angels singing when he put it on and it covered his ears. 

I got my hairs done did it's darker & purpley :)  
What do ya'll do to get out of your funks? 


jomamma said...

Wine! Merlot, but the other stuff works just as well.

adam said...

I finished my superman pillow....its the world most annoying pillow ever.Its itchy,noisy and makes mega watts of static.But on the plus side I know what Dad is getting for Christmas LOL....would your fisherman friend be????

lacy said...

beach walk. repeat, repeat, repeat!